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Monday, October 15, 2018
By Timber Creek Photography
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Birds, Boots, Bibs, and Boobs! The Garrett Series!

Welcome back to our blog!

We wanted to take some time to reflect on our FIRST Senior of the year, Garrett.

Garrett is a Wonewoc High School Senior. He owns a Ford Tractor, a Chopper, a car, a truck and a four wheeler! In discussing with him what he'd like in his photos, he decided that he wanted images of him with his tractor! Joking I told him... "You'll have to wear bib overalls!" HAHA!

Fast forward to the day of Garrett's session... HE BROUGHT THE BIBS! Naturally we threw him up on the tractor (after we cleaned the windows... hmmm...) and got some CLASSIC images!

In between Garrett's wardrobe changes, he kept complaining that he had to change his boots. This made us laugh even harder, I think his count on changing them was 4 or 5 times!

At one point... Mr.Garrett decided that he liked a more serious look than smiling... Well, I had other plans! A friend that was helping me that day had accompanied me, and I knew she wouldn't mind when I said what I  was about to say. I yelled "Garrett, quit checking out her boobs and look at the camera!" The result, a smiling VERY RED Garrett! Mom, Kelly, found this quite comical as well.

One of the last poses we photographed was Garrett with his grandfathers barn and silo. He and his family actually selected this image, and had a gorgeous frame made of barn boards. This was definitely a fun idea.

Lastly, I must tell you about ..... THE BIRDS! Remember me, Pam, scared to death, running and screaming for the hills, squawking, and having a minor heart attack!? YEAH. Me. Garrett's grandfather though I wanted to photograph the birds, when I really was having his mom, Kelly, herd them away from me! There I was, hiding behind Garrett's truck from some geese and a turkey!!! LOL

Overall, it was a GREAT session with Garrett and Kelly. Such a fun day, with many great memories and images. 

P.S. I survived the "Great Bird Attack" of August 1, 2018.

Monday, October 08, 2018
By Timber Creek Photography
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Giving Back and Hangin' out with Celebrities!

Recently, some great friends of mine approached me and asked if I wanted to help out with an event that they were hosting. After some more information, and finding out the great cause that the event would be supporting, I was IN!

Saturday September 15, 2018 I give back by bartending (LOL I know right ;)) at Silver Star Health's Parking Lot Party. 

The Parking Lot Party featured some great bands including Blue Collar 40, One Way North, Marvelless Mark, and THOMPSON SQUARE! I even made it on Thompson Square's Instagram page via a "Toast Video" Yusss!!!!

The Parking Lot Party was put on to support the Juneau County Initiative Program. This program assists with the local Food Pantry, as well as helping community members with job and careers resources. 

I had a blast helping out, and was honored to be part of special event for a fabulous cause!

Now the fun part.... photos! Enjoy!

Monday, October 01, 2018
By Timber Creek Photography
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Bring It On!

Thanks for coming back for this weeks installment of my blog!

I had the pleasure of photographing the Wisconsin Dells Cheerleaders, and here are a couple of goofy/behind the scenes images of the day. Enjoy!!

Monday, September 24, 2018
By Timber Creek Photography
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Light Painting!? What?

Welcome back to my blog! In this weeks installment, I wanted to share about an educational course that I recently took in Stevens Point, WI. A "Light Painting" course.

(I know by now you're thinking, what the .... is light painting!?!? NO it does not involve liquid paint, or a roller!)

Light Painting is a style of photography using lights, a stationary subject, a camera, extensive Photoshop skills, and a huge amount of patience. 

I really enjoyed the class, and cannot wait to start doing more projects with it! Heh, you know, after Senior Season! 

I used this technique on my husband's motorcycle. Would LOVE to know what you think!?!

Monday, September 17, 2018
By Timber Creek Photography
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What are you doing to my brother!?

Welcome back all!

Get ready for some cuteness overload!!!!

Recently, we had the sweetest little 3 week old baby for his new born pictures. 

We were SO astounded by his big brother Charlie. (Charlie is a 4 year old Havanese.)

Charlies dedication to taking care of his whole family was beyond impressive! He was so well mannered, and even got to join in some pics!

Here's a behind the scenes video of Charlie doing what he does best!

What are you doing to my brother!?

Charlie protects his baby brother while he gets his portraits taken.

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