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Thursday, September 21, 2017
By Timber Creek Photography
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What a fun morning/afternoon with Mauston Senior, Noah! We had many spots to visit, i think most outfits were camouflage, lol! A true hunter at heart. I've known his Dad, Chris for many years and many times laughed to myself how much Noah is like him. Mom, Chris came with and had some pretty nifty ideas, Noah didn't think some of the clothing suggestions were to hot. Hey, I liked that "granny" sweater! Thought it looked good in the area I was shooting in. Ok, so maybe not, but maybe it was because the look on your face reminded me of your Dad when his was younger and full of piss and vinegar! 

Moving on, Summer, aka: the girlfriend also came with. I've known her for a long time and actually received her school pic for years! She was a great help to me, as Mom had to go to work before the session was over. Woods, hiking, corn fields, trucks, hunting and chatting, some via phone and some in person conversations. Yes Bill, she was still helping me! 

This family, Chris, Chris, Emma and Noah have always held a special spot in my heart. They have endured much but show their love to each other. Thank you for allowing me to create not only Emma's senior portraits but Noah's also.

Thursday, September 14, 2017
By Timber Creek Photography
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Reedsburg Senior Justin came to Timber Creek Photography with many ideas, well his sister may not of been one of them. We started our Senior Portraits at Timber Creek with sibling portraits and then the old vehicles around the property. Justin is a bow hunter as well as gun hunts. We had many entertaining moments including his sister stealing me to photograph her and her cat. We joked about it and he said "she didn't even want to do this". Well, she might just as well have the senior experience that maybe she missed out on, besides who doesn't love a cuddly cat? We are both member of the crazy cat lady club.

We later went to a park close to his home...now this was a pretty neat place, until Justin wanted me to hike up a deer path so he could have some senior pics done on a rock and ledge. I found a easier path down out of there. Then off to his house to have some pics with his old truck. Fun morning was had by all.

Thanks Justin! It was a blast!

Friday, September 08, 2017
By Timber Creek Photography
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Model Spotlight was sponsored by Silver Star Health who provided ALL the clothing and accessories including shoes for each girl.

Then they came to Timber Creek Photography for their Tween model session of which the talented Robyn from Fresh Waxing did a fabulous job getting them camera ready!

The Model photo session included a full length to show off the entire outfit and for the 2' x 4' banners provided by Timber Creek. Then it was time for headshots. These were for the package that included 1-8x10, 2-5x7's, 2-3.5x5's and 8 wallets and was part of the prize donated by Timber Creek.  

Melissa from Generations Dance Academy donated 2 month of Dance for each girl.

It was fun to meet all the girls, moms and siblings. I hope you enjoyed your experience at Timber Creek Photography and your Tween Model Session.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
By Timber Creek Photography
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Young American Miss International Teen 2016 Hannah Slater

It has been such an honor to watch Hannah this past year.

It was last June that she received Most Photogenic, that made me so happy!

She has shown us all how to conquer fears of all kinds!

Wishing you continued success in the Pageant World! Knock their socks off!



Thursday, January 12, 2017
By Timber Creek Photography
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Extreme Posters

Do you want to showcase your athletes? Team and individual posters/banners available. Call Timber Creek for more information.

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